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  Leading British manufacturer of Cold Pressure Welding Machines. From small handheld- large mounted machines  
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Leading manufacturer of ancillary equipment for the wire and cable industry
World famous for the Uhing traverse unit

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Powerful, Reliable, and Precise – Wafios G 450 Spring End Grinding Machine By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:50) in Technical News
Designed in Reutlingen, Germany, and drawing on expertise cultivated by Wafios there over the decades, a new generation of machines is being produced at Wafios' production company in Zhangjiagang, China, for the first time. The G 450 features the latest version of Wafios' WPS 3.2 EasyWay high-end control system, which has already proven its worth as one of the company's highly successful products. The new generation of machines has been developed with two key aims in mind: to provide a solution that addresses the needs of as many customers as possible, even if they opt for simply the basic version, and to

Hew-Kabel at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:20) in Technical News
Ultra-thin core insulation and minimized microphonic effects Among the variety of new products to be exhibited by specialty cable manufacturer Hew-Kabel of Wipperfürth, Germany, at the SPS IPC Drives (November 28-30 in Nuremberg) are a modified PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) for ultra-thin yet highly resistant insulations and the Hew-Silent technology, also based on PTFE, for minimizing microphonic effects when transmitting low signals. Furthermore, the company will

New products from Teknor Apex enable compliance with tough new EU Fire Standards for Wire and Cable By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:10) in Technical News
Multiple Halguard® Low Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant (LS HFFR) Compounds Are Already Developed that Enable Compliance with CPR for Cables Used in Construction Now that the European Union’s new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has gone into effect, Teknor Apex Company is prepared to provide wire and cable manufacturers with low smoke halogen-free flame-retardant (LS HFFR) compounds which enable cables to comply with CPR for fire performance. Teknor Apex will

New Development Extruder Installed at Davis-Standard’s Pawcatuck Lab By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:05) in Technical News
To further advance mechanical, controls and process development initiatives, a next generation Thermatic® Series 4.5-inch (114mm) extruder is available for trials at Davis-Standard’s Extrusion Technology Development Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. The extruder, installed in July, is being used for internal R&D and product development for customers. The extruder’s modern platform represents a collaborative effort among Davis-Standard’s mechanical, electrical, process and controls engineering departments to create optimal processing for Davis-Standard’s full portfolio of extruder applications from blown film to wire and cable. It features

Increased Scope of Application for TPO By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:00) in Technical News
With advanced flexibility, low-temperature impact strength and heat deflection temperature, Hiflex CA 7600 A increases the scope of application for TPO A new addition to Ultrapolymers’ portfolio is the highly flexible TPO Hiflex CA 7600 A from LyondellBasell. Its special microstructure creates a favourable combination of high impact strength, good dimensional stability and increased heat deflection temperature, accompanied by low density, low gloss, excellent flow properties and low hardness. Typical areas of application are

Magnet Filters Iron Particles as small as one micron from Industrial Fluids By Editor (20 Sep 17 4:45) in Technical News
Even for use in pressurized pipes; requires no flushing fluid At the Parts2Clean in Stuttgart (stand 3C69), Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre, the Netherlands will introduce a recently developed magnetic filter that captures very tiny iron particles, as small as one micron, in industrial liquids such as lubricating oil, solvents and coolant. Removing iron particles from such products reduces damage to machines and tools, cuts machine downtime, and extends the life of both other filters present in the

Proton Products ProTHERMICTM PH300 Series Wire Preheater Eliminates Voids that Cause Pinholes, Spark Faults and Quality Rejects By Editor (20 Sep 17 4:40) in Technical News
Proton Products, the global leader for wire and cable measurement and control instruments, continues to expand its product range with affordable, innovative technologies that provide its customers with solutions that improve production, quality and product safety. Proton’s latest ProTHERMIC wire preheater increases the insulation-to-wire adhesion and stripping characteristics to stop pinholes and bare patch faults, especially at high line speeds. By preheating the conductor, it eliminates any “thermal shock” between a cold (ambient temperature) wire and

Highly precise & reliable measuring solutions for fibre drawing processes from Zumbach Electronics By Editor (20 Sep 17 4:10) in Technical News
More and ever faster – today and tomorrow, data transmission has to provide outstanding performances. This can only be achieved with perfect optical fibers built into flawless optical fiber cables. Zumbach Electronics has been providing precision measurement solutions for more than 60 years. For any application, we offer measuring and control equipment, providing the highest precision in the drawing tower and in cable production lines – resulting in material savings and

Zumbach - (Self)compensation of Measuring Units Increases Accuracy of Measurements By Editor (24 Aug 17 5:55) in Technical News
Calibration in measurement technology means characterizing the measurement behaviour of a measuring unit by comparing the indications provided by the unit with a known “measurement standard” (a physical object) used in the calibration procedure. During the calibration, the measuring instrument is not subject to changes, as opposed to adjustment where a measuring unit is tuned or modified in

Proton Products Releases Exciting New Innovations at Wire South East Asia 2017 By Editor (24 Aug 17 5:35) in Technical News
Proton Products, the leading global provider of precision measurement and control products for the wire and cable industries, will debut its latest product innovations at Wire South East Asia, Bangkok, Thailand 19-21st September on Booth D27. These new products include: Proton’s revolutionary InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series speed and length sensors; these are the smallest, fully featured non-contact laser Doppler speed and

Strecker buttwelders now also with pyrometer controlled annealing for small wire diameters By Editor (24 Aug 17 4:45) in Technical News
Since 1933 August Strecker has been known for its' high quality wire and/or cable buttwelding machines, supplied to customers in more than 110 countries all over the world. The welders come with a "5 years' warranty", a proof of their reliability and longevity. Especially when welding steel wires, there will be a "heat affected zone" that is quite brittle and requires annealing to obtain a smooth transition from the original material to the "HAZ" and make the

Higher drawing stability with Vicafil Senja By Editor (24 Aug 17 4:25) in Technical News
With 160 years of expertise, Condat’s lubricant range is recognized as a world reference in the wire drawing market (mechanical and electrical wire). Its Vicafil and Steelskin range gathers together the widest choice of wire drawing soaps, surface treatment, neat and soluble oils, degreasing products,… Nowadays, to increase productivity, wire drawing machines are coming with more and more drafts and elevated drawing speed. To satisfy these new challenges, CONDAT has developed a new

New Precision Butt-Welder from AIM By Editor (21 Jun 17 4:15) in Technical News
Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc. (AIM, Inc., USA) released a new stand-alone product for wire welding: The new high precision butt welder “BW series” consists of butt welders from 40 to 150 KVA (for up to 16mm or 5/8” with) with AC or mid frequency inverter models feature:

Proton Products introduces its new Intelitherm HTG400 Handheld Wire Temperature Gauge By Editor (21 Jun 17 4:10) in Technical News
Proton Products, the global leader for wire and cable measurement and control instruments, recently introduced its new Intelitherm HTG400 Handheld Wire Temperature Gauge at Interwire 2017 held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This instrument is suitable for use on all bare wire types and comprises a special bimetallic wheel construction with integrated electronics for precise, responsive measurement performance. It provides high-precision wire temperature measurement of

New Table-Gauges now available By Editor (29 Mar 17 4:30) in Technical News
Use the XLS Intelligent Laser Sensors as a Table-Gauge for quick and easy diameter checks. The XLS gauges are completed with a display module, a simple fixture for part holding and a base for bench top use: this Table-Gauge assembly allows very quick, really easy and

“New Product” Announcement - The MGS Group - FAT 820 SFL Series By Editor (15 Mar 17 4:55) in Technical News
A “TRUE” Market debut for Interwire 2017! The MGS Group, Rome, NY – North Branford, CT – Northampton, UK is pleased to present for the first time the FAT820 SFL Series “Next Generation” Fully Automatic Dual Takeup! The MGS Group is delivering a totally new approach to the application with emphasis on reflecting our customers’ demands in a system that represents the

Non-Contact Eccentricity Gauge keeps Cable Core Centered, improves Product Quality and delivers production savings By Editor (15 Feb 17 6:45) in Technical News
NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and process control solutions, indicates its Beta LaserMike CenterScan 2010 gauge accurately and consistently monitors the diameter of insulated wire and cable, and eccentricity of conductors within the insulation, during extrusion and insulation processes. Manufacturers are realizing a number of benefits such as improved product quality, reduced material consumption and increased profits. When the core of insulated wire and cable moves off center, product quality suffers. If left unchecked, this out-of-tolerance wire or cable eccentricity can leave manufacturers with reels of unusable product. The CenterScan 2010 gauge solves this

Innovative gauging system cost-effectively measures lay length of Twisted Pair Data Cables By Editor (15 Feb 17 6:40) in Technical News
NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, offers its Beta LaserMike LayScan gauging system to accurately and consistently measure the lay length of twisted pairs in data communication cables, such as Cat 5e/6/6a/7a/8 products. LayScan solves scrap, costly rework and productivity loss problems due to manual, time-consuming lay length measurement methods and crosstalk performance issues from lay variations. LayScan can be used to measure the

Switching screens with new cost-effective manual screen changers By Editor (18 Jan 17 5:55) in Technical News
Switching screens with new cost-effective manual screen changers is easier with operators exerting only 50% of the usual force New BKG® NorCon™ EMR and XMR Screen Changers from Nordson Provide Cost Advantages of Manual Units and Are Easily Retrofitted in U.S. or Metric Systems New-generation manual screen changers from Nordson Corporation reduce by 50% the force required for switching screens on the extrusion line, making

Davis-Standard introduces Cutting and Feeding Machine for Wire and Cable Applications By Editor (23 Nov 16 6:15) in Technical News
To support low voltage wire and cable processes for insulating applications, Davis-Standard has introduced a new cutting and feeding machine. Designed for efficiency, this unit facilitates timely transfers from one take-up to the other, while minimizing operator involvement. This expedites the take-up reel change process during insulation and

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