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  Leading British manufacturer of Cold Pressure Welding Machines. From small handheld- large mounted machines  
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Leading manufacturer of ancillary equipment for the wire and cable industry
World famous for the Uhing traverse unit

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Welcome to the Machines For Sale area. Here you will find a selection of used machinery and spare parts for sale.

Spare parts for fine wire drawing machine: (POA)
1 set of original NIEHOFF spare parts for a NIEHOFF M5 511209 Umlenkrolle IdNr. ...
Skip Bow Strander 1+6 / 500 mm: (POA)
New 1979, brilliant condition: No of bobbins 1 + 6 Bobbin size Flange max. 5...
Armouring Drumtwister 1500 mm: (POA)
complete armouring line with rotating pay-off and take-up (drumtwister) consisti...
MALI 1+8+12+18 x 710/500/500 Planetary Strander: (POA)
complete Planetary Cage Stranding line with single capstan and take-up consistin...
Galanos V25 Cutting Plant: (35000.00)
Refurbished electronic cutting plant Galanos V25 in great condition! It comes wi...
Wire Pre-Heater: (POA)
New: 1996 High frequency heating unit Integr. power controller model C590 Max....
Cantilever Take-up: (POA)
Size of bobbin Flange 400 - 1000 mm Width 200 - 800 mm Weight may. approx. 1...
High Speed Braider; 24c: (POA)
No. of carriers 24 Bobbin capacity 290 cm Bobbin revolution speed max. 100 RP...
1+6 x 160 mm Tubular Strander: (POA)
No. of bobbins 6 Bobbin flange 160 mm - Alu Stranding tube rotation speed ma...
Slitter Winder: (POA)
Source Roll width max. 1250 mm Working width 800 mm Max. source roll 420 mm...
Dual-overhead pay-off 630 mm: (POA)
Size of bobbin 630 mm DIN Pay-off speed max. 2000 m/min Material range 0,2 ...
1250 mm Double Twist Buncher: (POA)
Finished strand max. cross section 35,0 mm Single conductor max. cross section ...
Dual Take-up; traversing; w. Accumulator: (POA)
Product type for insulated cables and pre-products, cores / strands Product mea...
straight-line wire drawing machine: (POA)
for high carbon steel wires with 0,85% carbon, 8 dies, inlet wire max 12 mm, fin...
Reinforced concrete wire line: (POA)
Reinforced concrete wire line consisting of: - Overhead pay-off Type GSG 7 mtr...
H&E 6 - bobbin Tubular Strander: (POA)
H&E 6 - bobbin Tubular Strander bobbin size 6.5 inch: 630mm take up stand: singl...
Bema 6 bobbin Tubular Strander: (POA)
Bema 6 bobbin Tubular Strander Using bobbin size 150mm dia yet it will take 2...
48 carrier horizontal Carter braider: (POA)
48 carrier horizontal Carter braider Max speed of carrier round track 12.5rpm...
100mm Rosendhal Sheathing Line: (POA)
100mm Rosendhal Sheathing Line 2.8m portal traversing pay off 1900mm long ca...
Planetary Closing machine: (POA)
Bobbin flange in stranding cage 1000 mm Lay length range 50 - 500 mm Haul-of...
Nail press: (POA)
Wire 2,2 - 4,2 mm Length 13 - 105 mm Capacity ca. 430 mails / min Motor ca. 7...
1+6 x 630 mm Planetary Strander: (POA)
Rotation speed of cage 0 -46-55-68-79-96-116 1/min Haul off speed 40 m/min Bob...
Top drawer measuring technology from one of the world
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