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Acid neutralising plant wm Acid recovery plant wm
Acid storage and handling wm Acid tanks wm
Acid,tanks;storage ;recovery plant etc. Anodising , dyeing and plating wm
Atmosphere generators wm Bending ,forming wire and strip
Bolt making procedures Bull blocks wm
cable cutters Cable production technology
Casting of wire rod; continuous technology wm Centreless grinding wm
Chains,forming and welding Cleaning wire parts
Coil compacting wm Coil technology, compacting,wrapping, tying
Coilers wm Cold heading
Concrete reinforced,technology Continuous casting of wire rod wm
continuous resistance annealers wm Conveyors wm
Coppering wm Degreasing wm
Descaling wm Dies and die working technology includes die cleaning,drilling polishing wm
Drawing straightening and cutting technology wm Fiber Optic Cable Production Technology
Filtration Flattening mills, wire wm
Fume extraction Furnaces
Galvanising equipment Grinding and polishing of rod and bar
Hardening and tempering Lead baths and pots wm
Lime mixers Lubricant materials and technology
Materials handling technology Measuring testing and quality control
ovens for drying Packaging technology for wire wm
Patening frames Pay-off stands
Pickling technology Plating technology
Pointing technology wm Rebuilt and refurbished technology wm
Reels and Drums Rod end staightening technology
Rolling mill technology wm Salt bath descaling
Shaving or skimming wm Shot blasting technology wm
Spark erosion Spooling
Stationary coilers Straightening and cutting wm
Straightening and polishing Swaging
Swaging wm Take ups and take up frames
Take ups capstan type Tape rolling
Tinning Ultrasonic cleaning technology
used machinery Welding: cold pressure,arc,butt mesh,flash etc.
Winding Winding technology wm
wire bending and forming machines Wire drawing machinery
Wire flattening mills Wire marking
Wire packaging technology Wire product forming technology

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