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Rosendahl is making color detection possible and easy
Technical News - By Editor (31 Mar 21)
When producing on your automotive wire production line, just one or two granules of a different color can cause a contamination of approximately 200 m of insulation cable. 200 m seems long, but detecting this color variation at a speed of 1800 m/min by the operator is impossible. But what if it weren’t? Rosendahl has optimized an innovative sensor system for color detection for exactly this reason – to detect color variations which the human eye can no longer perceive: the SK-400-C. Let’s take a closer look at this - Read Article
Thomas Holzer joins the Management Board at Troester
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (31 Mar 21)
Troester GmbH & Co. KG announces that Thomas Holzer Dipl.-Ing. MBA joined the Management Board of the Hanover-based company on March 1st, 2021. In addition to the Managing Partner and CEO Dr. Peter Schmidt and COO Bernd Pielsticker Dipl.-Ing., Thomas Holzer will in future be responsible for Engineering and Sales. Three people sharing the management responsibility is intended to strengthen sustainability and the knowledge base in the company, while - Read Article
Micro Compact added to the range of Machines for strand Compaction.
Technical News - By Editor (31 Mar 21)
The production of Roller Compaction Machines for wire strand has been a major part of the production at the UK based Bar Products & Services Ltd. Orders for the full range of machines, suitable up to 40mm diameter strand, have been produced over the last year with the major orders going to the USA and China. The launch of the new ‘Micro’ Compaction Machine for 2021 is also - Read Article
Industry 4.0 Pavilion at Interwire 2021 to reveal the future of wire & cable manufacturing
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (31 Mar 21)
The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. announces recent developments by its Industry 4.0 Task Force, along with the participation of Messe Düsseldorf North America, toward the introduction of an Industry 4.0 Pavilion on the Interwire 2021 exhibit floor at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The new show dates are: October 26-27, 2021. The goal of the new venture is to establish and - Read Article
Davis-Standard to host Virtual “Basics of Plastics Extrusion” Seminar
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (26 Mar 21)
Davis-Standard is pleased to offer its popular “Basics of Plastics Extrusion” seminar, in virtual format, April 13 – 15, 2021. This three-day interactive seminar will cover the fundamentals of plastics extrusion, composition and properties of various polymers, and the mechanics of essential downstream processes. Session topics include extruder components, temperature control, control systems, maintenance practices, screw and die design, among others. All participants will see a virtual borescoping demonstration as well as - Read Article
Turnkey Extrusion System from Graham Engineering helps Copperhead Industries meet quality targets for Tracer Wire
Technical News - By Editor (25 Nov 20)
Copperhead Industries, Inc. has partnered with Graham Engineering Corporation to install a complete new American Kuhne extrusion line intended to meet growing demand for Copperhead’s copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire. Buried alongside pipe or other utility lines, tracer wire enables these lines to be located. “Our ultimate goal is to continue providing a tracer wire system that utilities and - Read Article
Schlatter and WiTechs – new strategic partnership
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (25 Nov 20)
Schlatter Industries AG, in Schlieren, Switzerland and WiTechs B.V. in Hengelo, the Netherlands start a long-term partnership in the field of system solutions, sales and after sales service of equipment for wire production. Both companies are long-standing experts in plant engineering and construction and their goal is to offer their customers worldwide the most productive systems and solutions for the production of wire of the highest quality. This partnership focuses on the - Read Article
Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing Course 2020
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (12 Sep 20)
Starting September 16, 2020, The Wire Association International (WAI) will offer its popular Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing course in a virtual format. Sessions run live online in convenient segments over seven consecutive Wednesdays. Classes begin Sept. 16 and won't be back until in-person courses resume in 2021. - Read Article
NDC Technologies welcomes John Perry, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (26 Feb 20)
NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of productivity enhancing measurement and control solutions, is pleased to announce that veteran sales leader John Perry joins the company as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In his role, Perry will be responsible for leading NDC’s global sales organization, executing the company’s go-to-market strategy and accelerating pipeline growth across the company’s key vertical markets. "John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our executive leadership team and we are looking forward to him playing a key role in driving our marketing and sales growth activities,” said Marti Nyman, President of NDC Technologies. “John’s sales leadership and - Read Article
Digital Transformation
Technical News - By Editor (29 Jan 20)
Uhing Rolling Ring Drive is ready for Industry 4.0 Uhing is the synonym for continuous development and innovation. This has been so for nearly 70 years. As early as in 1952, the company founder Joachim Uhing, by inventing the rolling ring drive, satisfied a user’s wish from the winding and traversing sector for the perfect linear drive. He launched the world’s first version on a plain round shaft. The world has changed since then. But Uhing’s approach remains unchanged. Continuous adaptation to - Read Article
NDC releases new revolutionary LaserSpeed Pro M Series Length and Speed Gauge
Technical News - By Editor (23 Oct 19)
NDC releases new revolutionary LaserSpeed Pro M Series Length & Speed Gauge for bouncing, unguided moving products Many applications involving the production of long, continuous cylindrical products pose measurement challenges. Products that cannot be well-guided, move off-axis and move out of the measurement range make it difficult for traditional Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) gauges to - Read Article
Cimteq Academy opens to learning
Developments Worldwide - By Editor (24 Jul 19)
With its 20-year pedigree, the team at Cimteq presents a wealth of knowledge on all things cable and wire manufacture. This expert knowledge and insight now has a new virtual home. The Cimteq Academy launched 3rd July with the aim of supporting skills growth in digital transformation across the cable and wire industry not only to improve today’s factory environment but to - Read Article
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