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Cliffords revolutionary QSW Mesh Welder By Editor (20 Oct 21 5:35) in Technical News
Clifford’s revolutionary QSW mesh welder is designed to take all the guesswork out of mesh panel manufacturing. Laser-guided tooling setup ensures that product changeovers are quick, optimal, efficient, and simple, while our frontend software automatically calculates the optimal weld settings for each recipe. All this technology is now packed into our latest mesh welder, ensuring quick

For the first time, Wafios presents a modular system for tailor-made automation solutions for the production of busbars By Editor (20 Oct 21 5:20) in Technical News
Last year, Wafios presented the BMF 60, a completely new machine concept for the production of profile parts and busbars. Significance of bus bars in the field of e-mobility The bus bars are particularly suitable for connecting rechargeable batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles. One of the advantages of busbars is that they are more suitable for automated assembly than conventional flexible cable connections. In the case of

Maguire adds value to its Ultra product line by integrating FlexBus Lite into the dryer’s touchscreen controller By Editor (25 Aug 21 5:40) in Technical News
Maguire has made its Ultra dryer touchscreen controller even more powerful and feature rich by integrating the Company’s FlexBus Lite software into the platform’s powerful Arm Cortex microprocessor. FlexBus Lite, a standard feature on all touchscreen blender controls, is now integrated into the Ultra dryer touchscreen controls, allowing users complete pump and receiver control in a cell, in a

Save millions of Dollars in materials By Editor (25 Aug 21 5:35) in Technical News
The InteliSENS SLmini Laser Doppler Non-Contact Speed and Length Gauge is saving Wire & Cable manufacturers millions of dollars in material. Generally, 80% of the cost of cable is in the materials, so any material overage has a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Replacing old-style contact counters that

The Plus for your production By Editor (25 Aug 21 5:15) in Technical News
FMU+ Series from Wafios - The Universal Spring and Wire Forming System Now Offers Even More Performance and Operating Convenience In the manufacture of torsion springs, extension springs, extended loop springs as well

Meeting Increased Demand for Gold and Silver Minted Products By Editor (28 Jul 21 6:20) in Technical News
One of the consequences of the world-wide pandemic appears to be a global increase in demand for gold and silver minted bars and collector coins. If this has been caused by people increasing their investment in precious metal products out of concern for economic uncertainty, it is possible that the high level of demand could continue for some time to come. Rautomead are experienced and well placed to supply new continuous casting equipment for those wishing to add extra casting lines or to upgrade existing lines to

Exciting New Technology rolls out at Interwire By Editor (28 Jul 21 6:00) in Technical News
Counting 30-strong, the Maillefer team welcomes wire & cable professionals to Interwire in Atlanta on stand 1241 from October 26 to 27, 2021. Benefit from the combined presence of Maillefer, Davis-Standard and exclusive partners at this key North American venue dedicated to the Wire & Cable industry. There is much to catch-up on, from innovative components to the most recent developments in

NDC Technologies introduces the AccuScan Pro Series By Editor (28 Apr 21 6:15) in Technical News
NDC Technologies introduces the AccuScan Pro Series, the Next Generation in Single-Axis Diameter Measurement that Delivers Value NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of intelligent, connected measurement and control solutions, is known across the industry for its Beta LaserMike product line of gauging solutions for the wire, cable, pipe and tube industries. Over the years, the company has introduced a number of leading diameter measurement systems, including the industry’s only four-axis gauge. Listening closely to the

Buss optimizes Compeo series for compounding plasticized PVC By Editor (28 Apr 21 6:10) in Technical News
Buss's’s modular Compeo plasticized PVC compounding systems are now also available in a cascade configuration for optimum results. The discharge and pelletizing unit is mechanically decoupled from the compounder and is fed in free fall via a connecting tube. This arrangement avoids back-pressure build-up at the transition between compounder and discharge unit and prevents the PVC compound from being exposed to excessive temperatures. The new two-stage configuration enhances ease of use and operator safety. For instance, the tube and diverter valve can be operated and cleaned without tools. The single screw discharge unit, which generates the

LaserSpeed Pro Provides Wire and Cable Makers with Super Accurate Length and Speed Measurements By Editor (28 Apr 21 6:05) in Technical News
LaserSpeed Pro Provides Wire and Cable Makers with Super Accurate Length and Speed Measurements and Significant Return on Value The Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® Pro gauge from NDC Technologies enables wire and cable manufacturers to accurately measure the length and speed of their products for better process control. This high-performance non-contact laser gauge is used across numerous wire and cable production processes and includes powerful connectivity, communication and control capabilities consistent with Industry 4.0. This allows the LaserSpeed Pro gauge to be easily integrated into production networks for real-time data exchanges and

Longitudinal Tape Forming By Editor (28 Apr 21 5:55) in Technical News
The new longitudinal taping technology for aluminum, polyester, woven, non-woven and water swellable tapes is a smart way to excel in cable quality and to boost sheathing productivity. The technology provides water blocking and mechanical protection for a variety of cable constructions, including high-voltage, fiber optic, and more. Tape application is a vital part of the

Rosendahl is making color detection possible and easy By Editor (31 Mar 21 6:05) in Technical News
When producing on your automotive wire production line, just one or two granules of a different color can cause a contamination of approximately 200 m of insulation cable. 200 m seems long, but detecting this color variation at a speed of 1800 m/min by the operator is impossible. But what if it weren’t? Rosendahl has optimized an innovative sensor system for color detection for exactly this reason – to detect color variations which the human eye can no longer perceive: the SK-400-C. Let’s take a closer look at this

Micro Compact added to the range of Machines for strand Compaction. By Editor (31 Mar 21 5:40) in Technical News
The production of Roller Compaction Machines for wire strand has been a major part of the production at the UK based Bar Products & Services Ltd. Orders for the full range of machines, suitable up to 40mm diameter strand, have been produced over the last year with the major orders going to the USA and China. The launch of the new ‘Micro’ Compaction Machine for 2021 is also

Wafios IoT Suite - SmartGrind to simplify the process analysis for spring end grinding By Editor (31 Mar 21 5:10) in Technical News
A detailed examination of the spring end grinding reveals a complex process that is expensive as part of the process chain for the manufacture of helical compression springs and offers some optimization potential. Through many years of experience, combined with extensive paperwork and lengthy tests, experts in the industry can generate very good process settings, but there are still some

Revolutionary LaserSpeed Pro M Series Length & Speed Gauge accurately measures bouncing, unguided moving products By Editor (31 Mar 21 5:00) in Technical News
Many applications involving the production of long, continuous cylindrical products pose measurement challenges. Products that cannot be well-guided, move off-axis and move out of the measurement range make it difficult for traditional Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) gauges to keep the

Innovative cold welding solutions from PWM By Editor (25 Nov 20 5:35) in Technical News
British company PWM has been designing, manufacturing and supplying cold welding machines and dies for more than 35 years. Wire and cable manufacturers worldwide rely on PWM machines to produce reliable welds stronger than the parent material, helping them improve production, reduce operating costs and minimise waste. On-going research and development has enabled PWM to produce a comprehensive range of machines and dies for different applications. The re-designed ST40 strip welder is a recent innovation from PWM. This machine now has a

Turnkey Extrusion System from Graham Engineering helps Copperhead Industries meet quality targets for Tracer Wire By Editor (25 Nov 20 5:30) in Technical News
Copperhead Industries, Inc. has partnered with Graham Engineering Corporation to install a complete new American Kuhne extrusion line intended to meet growing demand for Copperhead’s copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire. Buried alongside pipe or other utility lines, tracer wire enables these lines to be located. “Our ultimate goal is to continue providing a tracer wire system that utilities and

New generation of machines for mesh cable trays By Editor (25 Nov 20 5:25) in Technical News
Joint development by Ideal-Werk and OBO Bettermann augments production with an innovative system concept Lippstadt in November 2020: Two months after commissioning, the new production line “I FSD 092” wire has surpassed the expectations of customers and developers. With this innovation Ideal-Werk and OBO Bettermann have created a new standard for the automated production of cable trays. The semi-automated production line is a joint development of Ideal-Werk and OBO Bettermann. It has a

Rosendahl introduces their new double spooler By Editor (25 Nov 20 5:20) in Technical News
Here comes a new opportunity to upgrade your existing line with RODS1250 H, Rosendahl’s new semi-automatic double spooler, which is especially suited for high-speed insulation processes. Rosendahl worked based on a list of requests and requirements when designing this new winder. At the top of the list were the CE conformity to cover the European standards and very importantly: all

"Very Flexible Modular Structure for Straightening Machines - Wafios RB Series for Reinforcing Steel By Editor (25 Nov 20 5:05) in Technical News
Wafios Straightening and cutting-off machines provide sophisticated technical solutions for the production of main and cross rebars as well as rod material. They are subject to a variety of requirements that require a high robustness of machines. The Wafios straightening machines of the RB series combine reliable solutions with new developments, like e.g. the drive technology, and are equipped with an

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