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New Geon™ Plenstar™ series for Telecommunication Cables launched at IWCS By Editor (21 Nov 18 6:50) in Technical News
At the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium, in October 2018 PolyOne announced availability of the new Geon™ Plenstar™ series of fire-resistant, plenum cable jacketing. Answering the market need for flame retardance and low smoke performance, the Plenstar series includes five grades of cable jacketing materials. All meet UL approvals for plenum applications and

New Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® Pro gauge from NDC Technologies By Editor (24 Oct 18 5:30) in Technical News
New LaserSpeed Pro Provides Wire and Cable Makers with Super Length and Speed Accuracies and is Ready for Industry 4.0 The new Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® Pro gauge from NDC Technologies enables wire and cable manufacturers to more accurately measure the length and speed of their products for better process control. This high-performance non-contact laser gauge also offers expanded capabilities in connectivity, communication and control consistent with Industry 4.0, allowing it to be easily integrated into production networks for real-time data exchanges and

Rosendahl improves their crosshead RX 5 for Loose Tube production By Editor (24 Oct 18 4:55) in Technical News
Rosendahl Nextrom’s RX 5 crosshead is specially developed for fiber optic cable applications. During the extrusion process, a high degree of reproducibility and constant product replication are core values for Rosendahl. The Rosendahl Nextrom RX 5 crosshead with linear guiding is optimized for secondary coating lines. This works for both dry as well as for jelly-filled applications. It is comprised of a fine-tuning centering unit and a jelly unit for bubble-free jelly filling. The specially customized and

Brady when performance matters most! By Editor (19 Sep 18 5:25) in Technical News
Brady Corporation's new Wraptor A6500 Wire Identification Printer Applicator can significantly increase production output by identifying cables with wrap-around labels in 5 seconds. The Wraptor automatically prints and applies the label on a wide range of insertable cables, saving up to 10 seconds per identified cable. ncreased efficiency The Wraptor A6500 is a great tool to control manufacturing cost and

Rebar measurement like never before with Profilemaster® Systems from Zumbach By Editor (19 Sep 18 5:20) in Technical News
Zumbach Electronics, a leading supplier of non-contact measuring technologies for the metal and steel industry, introduces its newest Profilemaster SPS 80 gauge for in-line measurement of any rebar type. Sophisticated capabilities allow the measurement of rebar products in hot rolling processes. With a unique processing feature, the full contour of a rebar is captured and the

Four New PVC Compounds Provide Range of Performance Enhancements for Powder and Control Tray Cable Jackets By Editor (19 Sep 18 5:15) in Technical News
Apex® PVC and Flexalloy® PVC Elastomer Compounds from Teknor Apex Meet UL-13 and UL-1277 Requirements for Power-Limited Circuit Cables and Power and Control Tray Cables Four new PVC jacket compounds meet flame test requirements for power and control tray cables while providing enhanced-performance options for specific applications. Teknor Apex Company will introduce the compounds at IWCS 2018 (Booth 213). All four compounds pass requirements for

Rosendahl proudly presents their new color-recognition sensor system By Editor (19 Sep 18 5:00) in Technical News
At this year's Wire Dusseldorf Rosendahl presented their innovative color-recognition sensor system for insulation lines. The DVS SK 400-C impresses with its easy operation and stable production results. Color complaints and faulty productions are now a thing of the past. This color-recognition sensor system is a novel sensor for additional color monitoring in insulation systems. The main component is the PC-based evaluation unit with 360° camera surveillance. The precise sensor unit of the system consists of 4 cameras and is protected by a

Rosendahl's SmartCall By Editor (15 Aug 18 4:30) in Technical News
The ever-growing complexity presented by machines means that service staff are pushed to their limits more and more quickly. For cable manufacturers, it is becoming more and more important to receive real-time support from experts. Rosendahl has developed SmartCall in order to organize the exchanges between

Davis-Standard introduces DS Activ-Check for continuous Extruder Monitoring By Editor (15 Aug 18 4:15) in Technical News
In response to the increased demand for “smart” technology, Davis-Standard is pleased to announce its DS Activ-Check system for continuous extruder monitoring. This technology was demonstrated at NPE and is an available option with Davis-Standard’s Integrator, Epic III® and DS-eVue control systems. Activ-Check enables processors to take advantage of real-time predictive maintenance by providing early notifications of potential extruder failures. Machine operators are alerted to issues before they happen, reducing unplanned downtime while also

Intralox doubles production with Davis-Standard Dual-Strand Profile Line By Editor (15 Aug 18 4:05) in Technical News
Continual growth in product demand and a full manufacturing floor required Intralox to get creative with their processing options. Intralox, a global leader in plastic conveyor belt technology, recently replaced an older profile line with a new Davis-Standard dual-strand profile line, doubling their output without requiring additional space. The line processes dual-strand solid rod made of PP, PE, PA, Acetal and PEEK materials. Davis-Standard customized the line for Intralox applications, completing delivery and installation within eight months of purchase. The project was

New BenchMike Pro sets the standard for High Accuracy Off-Line Diameter and Ovality Measurements and is ready for Industry 4.0 By Editor (18 Jul 18 6:00) in Technical News
The Beta LaserMike BenchMike is the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system with over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide. The new BenchMike Pro sports sleek, modern styling and offers expanded connectivity, communication and control features that increase performance capabilities to deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. BenchMike Pro provides fast, accurate, and

New Blender with built-in extrusion control interfaces with a total system that supervises the line from Extruder to Haul-Off By Editor (18 Jul 18 4:45) in Technical News
Maguire® WXB™ Blender and Maguire + Syncro™ Supervisory System Provide Complete Control of Cast and Blown Film, Sheet, Pipe and Profile, and Wire and Cable Production A new blender that provides extrusion control based on batch precision and metering accuracy can be interfaced with a supervisory system that controls the total production line and has been proven effective in blown and cast film, sheet, pipe and profile, and wire and cable applications. The new WXB™ Weigh Extrusion Blender from Maguire Products, Inc. incorporates a

Proton Products Inc. announces Industry 4.0 Compliance By Editor (18 Jul 18 4:30) in Technical News
Proton Products Inc., the global leader for wire and cable instrumentation, announces Industry 4.0 compliance with its broad suite of intelligent products, communications protocols and flexible automation capability. Proton Products accurate, fast measurements with their embedded industry-standard communications and smart technologies form the fundamental building blocks for the

Rosendahl's Smart line control system RIO By Editor (18 Jul 18 4:15) in Technical News
Get a complete overview of plant processes in real time. Information determines our success on the market. And the right information consists in collecting, organizing and preparing it on a regular basis in order to subsequently draw conclusions and take the appropriate measures. In principle, that sounds pretty easy. After all, each of us already does that during a normal day at work. What is becoming more and

Buehler Achieves Expanded ISO Accreditation for Hardness Reference Blocks – Now Also Certified for Vickers and Knoop Testing By Editor (18 Jul 18 4:00) in Technical News
Buehler is now fully certified to ASTM and ISO standards for the calibration of reference blocks for hardness testing to Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop.© ITW Test & Measurement GmbH The Buehler Wilson® Reference Block Laboratory in Binghamton, NY/USA, was recently granted an expansion of its accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Previously covering hardness reference blocks for Rockwell and Brinell testing according to ASTM and ISO, and Vickers and Knoop testing according to ASTM, the accreditation now also encompasses the production of reference blocks for

In-line Complex Profile Measurement and Monitoring, Profilemaster® Systems from Zumbach By Editor (30 May 18 5:20) in Technical News
As a pioneer of on-line measurement committed to extensive research and development activities, Zumbach Electronics has continuously grown as one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of in-line measuring and control systems. Top priority at Zumbach Electronics remains to be customer relationships through local presence combined with proven high-quality products, services, personal consulting and support. Zumbach’s Profilemaster® systems are developed from a core set of proprietary mega pixel camera/laser modules and software technologies. The application of these technologies has been adapted to serve specific measurement, monitoring and

Sikora launches the X-Ray 8000 Advanced Faster measurement and efficient control in CV lines By Editor (30 May 18 5:05) in Technical News
With the X-Ray 8000 Advanced, Sikora introduces a system with state-of-the-art High Speed Technology (HST) that is tailored to the requirements of Industry 4.0. It represents an advanced alternative to the successful and established X-Ray 8000 NXT. The system – equipped with 16 measuring sensors – measures the diameter, wall thickness and eccentricity of MV, HV and EHV cables in CV lines by a factor of up to 10 faster than the X-Ray 8000 NXT, and thus, is predestined for an

Automotive wires - just-in-time and smart By Editor (30 May 18 4:30) in Technical News
For Automotive Wire production Rosendahl has developed a low-scrap solution for color-changing processes with stripes, skin and layer. Just-in-time and as fast as you need! Their trick is to use only a small volume of melt during color change, which results in the shortest scrap length. All bypasses are integrated into the

With FUL Speed ​​to the desired spring By Editor (30 May 18 4:20) in Technical News
Wafios extends spring machine program upwards. Just in time for wire & Tube in Düsseldorf, Wafios AG presented a new large high-end spring coiling machine, the FUL-166. The machine can process wires up to 16 mm and offers a stable, service-friendly mechanism as well as a state-of-the-art control technology. There is no shortage of options so that the machine can be

Universal solution for building wire production. By Editor (09 May 18 4:50) in Technical News
Two in one with crosshead RX12 double use for XLPE up to LSOH by covering many typical thermoplast materials as well as high filled halogen free materials. Their universal RX12 double use extrusion crosshead serves two needs in one crosshead. Not only will you save money by buying two crossheads for your purposes, but you will also be able to process very different materials on one solution, like high filled LSOH to low density cross linkable materials such as

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