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Tension measurement faster than ever before: Advanced stand-alone gauge head for quality control of optical fibers By Editor (29 Jul 20 6:25) in Technical Papers
Introduction The fast, lossless transfer of data over long distances via optical fiber cables is essential for our increasingly digital and connected society. The future demand for optical fiber cables is further growing due to the global establishment and expansion of 5G wireless standards, increasing intra-data traffic within data centers as well as data traffic between different data centers. Visions of autonomous driving, vital functions monitoring IoT medical devices or smart cities with automated traffic management are only possible by establishing an infrastructure with widespread optical fiber networks. They enable an extreme high bandwidth and a

Inspection and sorting of plastic pellets as a guarantee for visually and functionally perfect products By by Hilger Groß, Business Development & Sales Manager, and Rebecca Zachau, Corporate Communications Sikora AG (29 Apr 20 5:25) in Technical Papers
Introduction Black specks and color deviations often lead to increased scrap rates in the production of plastic injection molded parts, but also in the manufacture of profiles, cables and pipes. The same applies to metal inclusions in the pellets, which leave traces in the end product and the processing machines and cause costs. As far as black specks are concerned, this type of material contamination is often caused by

Automated sample inspection and detection of metallic contamination in plastic pellets By Rebecca Zachau Sikora AG (20 Nov 19 5:40) in Technical Papers
Introduction Even smallest metallic contamination in plastic pellets can cause significant problems during the production and processing of plastics. Whether the pellets will be used for the production of injection molded parts, cables, films or profiles – fault prevention almost always means a major effort and even more, when fault correction becomes necessary. The dismantling of injection molding tools, the exchange of hot runner systems and the reworking of cavities is time consuming as well as

Robots and people are joining forces By Editor (24 Jul 19 4:25) in Technical Papers
Continuously increasing sales figures. Next powerful momentum through artificial intelligence. You can rely on robots – and not only for precision welding, bending and cutting of pipes or for transporting and depositing pipes. They generate steadily increasing sales figures for their manufacturers and users just as reliably. And that, even though their huge, boundary-shifting time has only just begun. Because soon enough, robots will use artificial intelligence to catapult industrial production into spheres that were previously unimaginable. Robots are definitely a model for success. Maybe not on the

More than just routing By Petra Hartmann-Bresgen M.A. (26 Jun 19 4:00) in Technical Papers
The digital transformation has taken off at speed. Whilst a few years ago Industry 4.0 was still just an idea not defined to its completion, that all too often was more of a vision than reality, nowadays it is assuming an ever bigger role in shaping production processes. Digital transformation has taken off at speed – also at Leoni for example, the system and development supplier for wire, cable and vehicle power systems. Photo: LEONI AG For many companies working in the wire, cable and tube industries, it has long

Isabellenhütte reduces contact resistance and heat development with ISA-CON®450 By Editor (20 Feb 19 6:05) in Technical Papers
“Problem-solver alloy” ISA-CON®450 for fasteners In addition to ultra-fine wires, cables and stranded wires made of ISA-CON®414, Isabellenhütte is now also manufacturing semi-finished products/preliminary materials for fasteners, such as screws and bolts, made of ISA-CON®450, another version of the copper-based alloy. This reduces electrical resistance and thus heat development in the system. In addition,

Meaning of “measuring rate”, “averaging” and “accuracy” when investing in a measuring device By Editor (24 Oct 18 4:40) in Technical Papers
Sikora advises on choosing the optimal measuring device for the extrusion line When deciding about investing in a measuring device, one of the main factors – besides the costs – usually is which device is the “best”. Characteristics where “more” or “less” is considered as “better” are seemingly easy to compare. This simplification, however, bears risks. In digital photography, for instance, the size of the sensors and, thus, of the individual pixel in general, is more important than the total number of pixels. The pixel count however is commonly the relevant sales argument. For that reason,

Sikora: Overview about different techniques for diameter measurement By Editor (25 Oct 17 5:15) in Technical Papers
Advantages of the CCD line sensors of the Sikora Laser Series 2000/6000 An increasing quality awareness in many areas of daily life and especially in the field of industrial goods has been observed for some years. Manufacturers of wires and cables have also been investing intensively in measuring and control technology as well as inline control over the last years. At the same time, amongst others, the diameter and ovality of products play a crucial role. These cable parameters can be measured in the production line by different techniques, which shall be described in the following article. Until now, three different methods for

Measuring devices for quality control of optical fibers in the drawing tower for a perfect fit in subsea cables By Editor (20 Sep 17 5:15) in Technical Papers
Introduction Recent studies show a growth of undersea optical fiber connections for the future. “Optical fiber is considered to be a good option to carry higher data rates over longer distances than copper cables. By 2020, an increase in subsea processing will generate more data, which will make the high bandwidth and longer transmission distances of optical fibers more attractive” says ResearchandMarkets in its report on ‘Global Fiber Optic Connectors Market 2016-2020’. They are currently observing two developments in manufacturing optical fibers. On the one hand, there are countries such as China and the USA advancing further into the optical fiber market as

Cables for offshore wind turbines By Editor (20 Sep 17 4:30) in Technical Papers
ind power is steadily growing as a source of energy: In 2015 German wind farms increased their output by around two thirds compared with the previous year. According to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, wind turbines between the North Sea and the Alps generated a total of 85.4 billion kilowatt hours of electricity last year. Figures in the wind power sector show that its share accounted for more than

Uhing Motion Drive® in Operation – a Visit to the Customer By Editor (24 Aug 17 4:10) in Technical Papers
In April 2016, the latest innovation by Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG was rolled out to the public: The Uhing Motion Drive® is an Uhing rolling ring drive that was endowed “intelligence” by integrating sensors and electronic controller. A visit to a company operating it illustrates how the system proves its worth during operation. For many years, the Uhing customer, a steel refiner located in North Rhine Westphalia, has been using a machine that winds flat wire on a spool. The solution used so far caused frequent problems during winding that in turn resulted in interruptions of the automated downstream process. Also, fully wound spools had to be rewound often more carefully in order to obtain the required winding pattern. The

Inspection and analysis of XLPE and HPTE material at medium and high-voltage cable production By Editor (15 Feb 17 5:10) in Technical Papers
Abstract Plastics that are used for the insulation of medium, high- and extra-high voltage cables have to comply with the highest purity standards. Most commonly XLPE (cross linkable polyethylene) material is used for the insulation of cable. For cross linking of the XLPE the cable passes through a CV-tube (continuous vulcanization tube) where it is exposed to high temperatures for the cross linking. Typically at the manufacturing of these types of cables the CV tube is filled with nitrogen and operated at a pressure of 10 bars. Before the cable can be further processed, such as the

A development from Germany based Wafios By Editor (26 Oct 16 6:10) in Technical Papers
In the shape of iQsmartbend, Wafios has developed a patented, award-winning software solution designed to optimize bending processes for wire and tubes The phenomenon of vibrations can be observed in almost every area of our daily lives. In some cases it is undesirable and may even be dangerous, but in others, it is the intended result of a conscious action. Intervening measures can be put in place in both cases, as a means of either absorbing (or at least minimizing) vibrations in the former case, or generating (or amplifying) them in the latter. The pendulum of a grandfather clock and the swinging-out motion of the seats on a fairground swing ride are

Structural Return Loss (SRL) and FFT-Frequency Analysis By Editor (28 Sep 16 4:05) in Technical Papers
Sikora measuring devices provide FFT analysis and SRL predictions The production of state-of-the-art cable products, e.g. data cables, requires a constant monitoring of the cable diameter, concentricity and/or cable capacitance with regard to smallest, periodically occurring cable parameter fluctuations. These fluctuations may occur from irregularities such as

Nothing would roll without them: wire products in railway technology By Petra Hartmann-Bresgen M.A. (09 Mar 16 7:20) in Technical Papers
The wire, cable and wire-processing industry and the wire 2016 trade fair It is now impossible to envisage today’s world without trains and other railborne vehicles. In the 19th century they made a key contribution to industrialization and today are fully integrated in the globalization of markets and growing urbanization. Rail-mounted vehicles can transport large volumes of people and goods quickly, safely and efficiently even over great distances and, when electrically powered, are very environment-friendly in their use of electricity obtained from regenerative sources. The prerequisite for rail systems being able to function at all, however, is the products manufactured by the wire and

Solutions for electrical wire drawing By Editor (13 Jan 16 6:00) in Technical Papers
Leader in the mechanical wire drawing market, Condat has earned an international reputation for supplying the steel wire industry with its famous brand name Vicafilm. The company has used its 160 years’ expertise in lubricant technology to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the electrical wire & cable market. A wide range of high performance lubricants • For

Subsea and EHV cables require a challenging purity degree of XLPE-material (Technical Paper) By Sikora (28 Oct 15 5:20) in Technical Papers
Abstract This paper outlines the reason for the need of a high purity degree of XLPE material to be used for the insulation of subsea and EHV cables. Furthermore, there will be technological solutions introduced for purity assurance of XLPE pellets that are integrated at specific production stages.

Measure Any Offshore Flexible with Instruments from Zumbach By Editor (20 May 15 6:00) in Technical Papers
The production of offshore Flexibles involves complex process’s requiring varying individual performances for quality control. Any deviations from the required standards can risk horrific consequences if failure occurs depending the application scenarios. In order that the risks for future product failure are eliminated during the manufacturing processes, such as wire drawing, profile rolling / extruding, stranding and sheathing, Zumbach provides

Classic and high-end By Harry Prunk, Katja Giersch Sikora AG (22 Apr 15 3:20) in Technical Papers
Online diameter control during wire and cable production In the past years wire and cable manufacturers have invested heavily into measuring and control technique as well as line control systems aiming for online quality control, higher productivity and cost reduction. Today, online measuring devices with controlling function had therefore become a standard in extrusion lines. The used measuring devices include, amongst others, gauge heads, which measure the outer diameter of the cable during the extrusion process. Sikora is a pioneer in the production of diameter measuring systems and developed two product series based on

Customers first – Zumbach’s Calibration Service By Editor (21 Jan 15 5:00) in Technical Papers
Customer satisfaction is Zumbach’s most important aim. Not only is the technology focused to this, but also and above all, the customer service. In addition to classical service, Zumbach offers customer trainings and calibration and maintenance services if required. With its worldwide service support, customers can choose from a variety of possibilities - no matter in which part of the world the devices are operating For customers requiring monitoring of measurement equipment to ISO 9001 and other Norms, Zumbach offers a

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