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a: Attenuation
AAC: All-aluminiumconductor
AC: Alternating current
ACSR: Aluminiumconductor,steel reinforced
AM: Amplitude modulated
AMS: Prefix for Aeronautical Material specificationsissued by the Society of automativeEngieers (USA)
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
AOD: Argon oxygen decarburisation
ASA: American Standards Association
ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASTM: American Society for testing Materials.The numbersof Standardsissued by the Society are prefixed ASTM
AWG: American Wire Gauge
B&S: Brown &Sharpe Gauge( a term that was used to descibe AWG: American Wire Gauge0
BA: British Association(bolts and nuts standards)
Be: Baume
BH: Brinell hardness number
bit: One binary digit
BOV: Brown Oil of Vitriol(77per cent H2so4 by weight approx.)
Brd: Braided (electric wire ).Also Brd.
BS: Prefix for aBritish Standard Specification number
BThU: British Thermal Unit.the ammount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1lb of waterone degree Fahreheit
BWG: Birmingham Wire Gauge.
CAB: Cellulose acetobutyrate
CaTH: Electrolytic cathode copper
CDA: Cementedcarbide abrasive.
CI: Cast iron
CL: Centre line
CNC: Computernumerical control
CS: Cast Steel
CTS: meaning cable sheathed with a tough rubber sheathing
dB: decibels
DC: Direct current
DIN: Prefix for a German Standard Specification number
DIR: Double lapping of pure rubber
DPN: Diamond pyramid hardness number
DRC: Double rayon covered
DSC: Double silk covered
DSTA: double steel tape armoured
DTI: Refers to a double thickness of insulation,that is the sum of the thickness of the cotton or other insulation on the two sides of a conductor
DWA: Double wire armoured.
EC: Electrical conductor
EHV: extra high voltage cables
EPR: Ethylene-propylene rubber
EVA: Ethylenevinyl acetate.
FM: Frequency modulated
FZCV: Continuous vulcanisation process using silicone oil
HC: High conductivity
HD: Hard Drawn
HP: Can be used to refer to a)high pressure or b) horse power
HRC: Rockwell hardness value
HSHD: high-speed hot dipping
HSL Cable Type: a screened cable
Hz: Herz,frequency cycles/per second
IAC: Integeral accoustic cores
ID: Inside diameter
IEC: International specifications preparedand agreed by the International Electrotechnical Commission
IR: Insulation resistance( reffering to a cable)
IWRC: Independent wireropecore;a wire ropeused as the core of a larger rope
J: Joule,Nm.work energy output,the ammount of heat
L/D: Length to diameter ratio
Lam: Laminated (electrical wire)
LC(Cables): lead covered cables
LED: Light emitting diode
LV: Low voltage
M: 1000
MI Cables: mineral insulated cables.
MIG (a welding term): metal inert gas
MS: Mild steel
OD: Outside diameter
OF: Oxygen-free.
OFHC: Oxygen-free,high conductivity copper
PBJ: Paper braided jute (cables)
PCP: Polychloroprene
PCTFE: polychlorotrifluoroethylene.
Pfd: Paraffinned (a term used for electrical wire)
PIC: Plastic-insulated conductor
PILC: Paper-insulated lead sheathed (applying to cable)
PILC: Paper insulated lead covered
Pl cu: Plain copper (electrical wire)
PP: Polypropylene
PRCables: Pure rubber cables.
PSC: prestressed concrete stand
PTFE: polytetrafluoroethylene
PVC: polyvinyl chloride
ROV: Strong sulphuric acid.
SAC: Solid aluminium conductor
SCA: Anohter designationfor aluminium conductor,steel reinforced
SD: Soft drawn
SIL: Silicon
SL Cable: A three- corecablein which each coreis individually lead sheathed.
SPC: Single paper covered
STA: Steel tape armoured (applying to cables)
SWA: Single wire armoured.
SWG: Standard Wire Gauge
T/dcu: Tinned copper (electric wire)
TCC: Triple cotton covered
TIG: Tungsten inert gas welding
TPS: toughened polystyrene
TRS: Tough rubber sheathed (applying to cable )
UHF: Ultra- high frequency
uts: Ultimate tensile strength
v/f: Voltage to frequency
VR Cables: Vulcanised rubber cable.
WA: Wire Armoured
WSC: Wire strand centre wire rope.
XLPE: Cross-linked polyethylene.
XX/D: Braided (electric wire ).Also Brd.
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