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Wiretimes.com will be packed full of news items, technical updates, technical articles and much more, all provided by leading entrepreneurs and technologists from within the industry. Whether you are employed in wire, wire product or cable manufacturing there should always be news items or technical articles to interest you. Wiretimes.com welcomes and actively encourages you to submit any relevant news item technical articles etc, incidents or funny news items. Please submit your contribution including any photo's via post or e-mail.

Publicity is the most cost effective marketing tool there is. It is part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility. For you and your company to gain an edge over your competition it is vital you build credibility through publicity.

Helpful guidelines for producing news items

We want your news items and or press releases and to help you here are some top ideas to make your news item attract attention:

  1. Tell your readers the information/press release is for them and why they should read it.
  2. Make sure the first 5-10 words are powerful and effective….they are the most important ones.
  3. Is your news “newsworthy” - The purpose of your press release issued on Wiretimes.com will be to inform the whole world of wire, wire product and cable manufacturers of your latest developments. DON’T TRY TO USE THE PRESS RELEASE TO MAKE A SALE. A good press release/news item answers the questions who, what, where, when and why thus providing your potential customers with useful information about your organisation, your product and or service.
  4. Deal with the main topics; the main facts.
  5. Obviously the information should be newsworthy
  6. Provide as much contact information as possible like: Person to contact, address, phone, fax, email and website if you or your company have one.

Template to help you with your press release:

For Immediate release

  • HEADLINE – Be creative, use one sentence capitalize every word with the exception of words like: from, it, the, of an, an etc
  • Country Town/City month, day, year: Attract and hold their attention HERE (remember who, what, where, when, why and how)
  • Put the body of your news item or press release here. Fill out from the information you provided in your introductory paragraph
  • The body of your news item/press release should if possible contain more than one paragraph and your final paragraph should *summarise* the key points again.
  • Now put in additional information (photo; sample etc) – Include contact info here
  • Include details on product or service availability
  • Include very short background information of your company here.
  • Contact Information
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